Friday, 20 October 2006

At the End of All Things

At the end of all things,
when the world is consummated,
your soul will gather herself up,

and sing.

Her song will be her all
and the whole of her symphony
her total self-giving.

And you, if you listen
and reject what you hear,
recognizing not the root of your being,
will cast her out
and empty yourself of yourself,
leaving nothing, and less than nothing:
a presence of denial.

You will remain eternally in this suspension of nothingness
rejecting what is and He Who Is,
and achieve the work even the Fallen One could not:
you will rebel successfully,
for you would then desecrate fully
a Living Temple of the Infinite God.

And yet, if you listen
and embrace the song that your heart sings,
even though the rhythm is more than you can bear
and the melodies intertwine in a terrible counterpoint
so vast it would drown you,

He will say to your song: Be!
and it will be.

And I tell you,
the world as it is now
would not be able to encompass the breadth of that song,
and so it
will be changed.

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