Thursday, 5 October 2006

Sanctity without Sensation

The Holy Father's catechesis on St. Bartholomew the Apostle yesterday:

"We do not have detailed news about Bartholomew's later apostolic activities. (...) The figure of Saint Bartholomew remains before us to tell us that deep adhesion to Jesus can be lived and witnessed even without the achievement of
sensational works".
Relinquishing a loud sanctity that requires continual affirmation and attention is a step without which one cannot progress very far in the inner life. I'm not quite sure I have learnt it yet. It would be a poor exchange indeed if I let go of the ceaseless pursuit of worldly fame merely to transpose it into an attachment to an awe-inspiring and unyielding "holy renown". A renown I denounce with great theatrical abandon, yes!, but nonetheless relish.

But there is hope! I must not trust in myself or despair of myself; either is madness.

Christ, make me yours, make me sane in the midst of so much useless commotion.

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