Sunday, 19 November 2006

Divine Uselessness

Faced with the Cross, with its extreme totality, all our responses to that Gift are poor, and grossly disproportionate. They will never be enough.

This teaches us first humility, and secondly begins us upon the path of Divine Uselessness. These two elements are foundational to the later paths. We must learn that all is grace, and that our worth lies not in our actions, but in our being loved. Once we know these things, and are willing to lie in seemingly useless love in the Hands of the Father, can the Spirit reign fruitfully. But there is no shortcut through this path, we cannot enter the Night with calculations, or with an eye askew on the path to confirm that the way the Spirit leads is in accord with what we can see.

All calculations end at the Cross; We must give up the way for the Way.

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