Friday, 24 November 2006

A Tolkien-Prompted Thought

What would have happened if Sauron did truly conquer the Fellowship? ... if Frodo had been caught, the Ring taken, and returned to its master? Minas Tirith crushed, Edoras destroyed, Lothl├│rien set aflame, and Rivendell and the Mithlond wiped from the face of Middle-Earth ... What then? His foes crushed, what would Sauron occupy himself with? He cannot pass beyond the West to assault the Blessed Realm, since that folly was already attempted, the result was the Eru Ill├║vatar, the One, the All-Father, Himself removed those glorious lands from the Circles of the World. If Evil's dominion is complete, what remains for it but its boredom and decay?

Which is one of the reasons, by long-pathed analogy, that I refuse to believe that sin has the substance of reality, and that Satan is more than a fallen celestial being. Pure evil cannot exist. What power evil possesses derives from the virtue it possessed before its fall. The greatest saint can become the most demonic sinner.

Evil, when it conquers utterly, is the most pale and withered existence conceivable.

O Bonitas! O Pastor Bonus! Miserere!

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