Sunday, 21 January 2007

Is This Even a Dialogue?

I read Belief or Nonbelief? a while ago. While the entirety of the booklet was most enjoyable and instructive, it was far too short, of no engaging substance, and not nearly reciprocal enough to merit the title of "dialogue". Nonetheless, I enjoyed it, if only for Umberto Eco's sake. His marvellous prose is always exquisite, and his erudition delightful. His final defense of the possibility of wholly secular morality seems to me, however, to be flawed. Beautiful and noble, but flawed. Morality is not possible without some transcendent or religious backing. An expediency approximating morality, certainly, but not morality in the whole of its sense.

Speaking of Eco, I really should read The Island of the Day Before. Bought it in hardcover ages ago ...

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