Sunday, 18 February 2007

(Sigh of Delight)

This morning I attended the Inaugural Academic Mass at Holy Trinity Braamfontein, which the Papal Nuncio for Southern Africa, His Excellency the Reverend Archbishop James Green celebrated.

Glory of glories, delight of delights, joy of joys. A reprieve from the perpetual liturgical abuses of my home parish. A chanted Pater! No swarm of extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion! No handholding and pseudo-Orans waving! Chanting of all the right sections! Bowing at the et incarnatus est! Breastbeating at the mea culpa! Silences observed! The Roman Canon!

This Wednesday they are celebrating Ash Wednesday with a solemn Mass, completely in Latin according to the Novus Ordo. Oh My Lord & God, thou art too gracious for words. What glorious gifts. Would that all parishes had such respect for the Divine Mysteries!

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