Friday, 18 May 2007

Piercing My Inmost with Fire

"I need to be led by you. I need my heart to be moved by you.
I need my soul to be made clean by your prayer. I need my will to be made strong by you.
I need the world to be saved and changed by you.
I need you for all those who suffer, who are in prison, in danger, in sorrow.
I need you for all the crazy people. I need your healing hand to work always in my life.
I need you to make me, as you made your Son, a healer, a comforter, a savior.
I need you to name the dead.
I need you to help the dying cross their particular rivers.
I need you for myself whether I live or die.
I need to be your monk and your son.

It is necessary. Amen."
- Thomas Merton

Thursday, 10 May 2007


Society seems almost completely geared to make life a perpetual diversion from the central realities, an evasion which if not laborious must certainly be entertaining. Work, play, hobbies, friends, these all become not avenues towards an integrated and coherent discovery of life and the soul, but a continual paraphrase of "Eat! Drink! Tomorrow we die!".

Those who dedicate the center of their lives, then, to the pursuit of Reality, must seem either useless or heroic. I think it is in this sense that the monastic life is called prophetic, because it "speaks for" reality by means of visible elements that the divertissimenti cannot wholly silence.

In this context it is not difficult to understand the relative success of Die Grosse Stille.