Saturday, 25 August 2007

Bad but Good!

I finished The Bad Catholic's Guide to Wine, Whiskey & Song quite a while back. I have not enjoyed a book to such a degree for a very long time, and I can without the slightest tinge of deception say that I laughed out loud at least every second page.

The humour is exquisite, the history interesting, the theology enthusiastic and refreshing, and the anecdotes delightful. If someone asks me soon what I enjoy most about the Faith, I'll give them this book; It epitomizes the unaffected, delightful way Catholics (should) view life and faith. Yes, that does include the section which gives the variant version of that saccharine ditty "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam" as "Jesus Wants Me For A Hailstone ... To Smite The Heathen and Heretic".

A delight on so many levels, and I am glad I decided, rather impulsively, to buy it after reading The Curt Jester's review (Alright, the cover clinched it even before I started reading ... ). My sole deprecation would be to note that almost all the recipes given in the book are rather high-brow and unlikely to be used.

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