Monday, 28 January 2008

Cor Contritum et Humiliatum

The theme of a holy brokenness is something our generation struggles to understand, having been too long fed with triumphalist views of the world where Christ is not beheld crucified, but Risen-and-Ready like the deus ex machina in one's own personal play. My own religious youth was awash with this folly, and I know too many acquaintances that have since slid into religious indifference because they encountered their brokenness and could not comprehend it, could not grasp it in their hearts and yet live. They could not find Christ in it, they could not see Him there, they could not understand how this can be a part of their spiritual pilgrimage. So they abandoned it, like so much else.

Holy brokenness comes about when you face your weaknesses, know them to be, and can face them in the Light of Christ.

The Plain and Rather Dull-Seeming Odour of Sanctity

The extraordinary and astonishing thing about the pilgrimage of sanctity is exactly its ordinariness. It seems so incongruous that the path that leads to Divine Union may consist of such things as not eating that cookie, not getting a second coffee, exercising for five minutes more, doing the dishes, and deliberately avoiding hilarious but frivolous conversation. We esteem our acts and habits too little, yearning for the mustard seed of faith but neglecting in the same breath the same tiny seeds of virtue that could have produced a great harvest.
This was the great revelation of the desert for those who first had the courage to listen : all the day is bathed in Divinity.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Lines in the Sand

Let not your first words at the discovery of another's sin be those of condemnation.

Remember that when the adulteress was thrown before Christ He first expelled accuser and onlooker before saying : Go and sin no more.

Monday, 7 January 2008

A Word of Fire

"I think you are confusing holiness with perfection"

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Christmastide Thoughts

I cannot comment worthily on the mystery of Christmas: the mystery of the Strong revealed in the weak and helpless, of the Infinite confined to a crib, of the Divine Riches revealed in the eyes of a baby, and of the celestial outcasts discovering that God Himself has sought them out. It is this mystery that has capsized the universe: the heavens explode in infinite golden song, the Angelic Orders in vast array bow to a Man, nay a Child!

In this mystery, humanity is thrust into the very depths of God.