Monday, 20 October 2008

Signs of Premature Fuddy-Duddiness & Eccentricity

  1. During a film, when the soundtrack includes a snippet of Vivaldi, you immediately know what concerto it is, and also know that Bach made a transcription of it for the organ. Which, incidentally, you prefer.
  2. When people complain about political drama, you often respond : "Well, from the perspective of the first century ...".
  3. Looking up a word in the dictionary is no longer considered sufficient until the etymology is researched as well.
  4. If somebody uses the word "argument" and "conclusion" unreflectingly on an internet forum, you reply with a three page essay detailing why their argument leads to the collapse of civilization.
  5. You do on occasion mispronounce words. But only because in the original language of the word, an English pronunciation would have been implausible.
  6. You've been in a car accident because at the time you were engrossed in a dispute about Platonic political theory. With yourself.
  7. A popular history series offends you, not because of the unnecessary lewd scenes, but because of the historical inaccuracies.
  8. "Modern" means anything from the mid-sixteenth century onwards.

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