Thursday, 20 August 2009


Having to go through an archive of e-mails for work I came across a note I had sent to a colleague a year ago. It is always disconcerting to be pierced to the core by your own words! Disconcerting not only because it places you, in a way, outside yourself, but most particularly because it reveals to you how disjointed your words and your actions are.
The note read as follows:

I am overcome today by the utter inadequacy of our responses to the Love of God. How trivial they are, how maddeningly superficial when placed before the crucifix, the Christ Crucified we preach so easily, so glibly. What does mean to glory in the Cross of Christ but to take one’s ultimate stand in this helplessness before God?
We are adept as a thousand excuses and a thousand explanations. They will not suffice here beneath the Cross, they will not suffice in the heavy morning air of the Resurrection. You may answer in many ways to the call of God in Christ, but they will all remain insufficient unless your response is the totality of your self, as the call of God was the totality of Himself: that is, Jesus Christ.

The response must be like unto the question to make sense.

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