Sunday, 14 February 2010

A Meeting

I walked in the garden of my soul today and met myself, an old man sitting on a limestone bench. We bowed to each other and I sat next to him, accepting the bizarre epiphany of meeting my older self with a sigh. Stranger things have happened here.

"Why?" I asked, distilling a hundred questions into a word.

"Hope", elder-I answered with a crisp sharpness.

I grimaced a little and because the contours of the questions had changed, I asked again : "Why?".

Elder-I smiled, and there was the vinegar of the Cross and the wine of Cana in that smile. He said : "I can give you all the words, and you would understand their forms. But their content would elude you, and you'd be the more empty for it. I was not sent to teach, merely to be".

The wind picked up a little, and blew some white blossoms across the stepping stones. I let it finish its song. Elder-I waited, too.

"You are happy", I said with the bluntness of truth.

"As are you, in your way", he answered "but stop waiting for my happiness. Yours must live in its own time".

More questions fumbled clumsily around in my mouth, until at last I yielded with a single phrase : "I'll try".

By the time I turned, elder-I was gone.

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